Visiting Fukushima

Well this is my first post on here…

I’ve been meaning to use the blog on my site for quite some time but have never got round to actually posting anything at all. I post a lot of images on social media but tend to neglect my own website, this is going to change.

I’ve wanted to visit the Fukushima area for ages!! I’ve been keeping up on all the news coverage and have been fascinated by all the images of the area on the internet. Luckily I was invited to Japan by Panasonic and managed to extent my stay for a an extra week, enabling me to visit Fukushima. I’ve been travelling with Jacob James and Ross Grieve who are also Panasonic ambassadors, they joined me on the trip up North and massive props to Ross for doing all the driving in the area allowing me to shoot.

The are itself is pretty accessible by following highway 6 up the coast, allowing you to get within a couple of kilometres of the plant with ease. However, all the side roads off the main road are all blocked off and manned by guards so you have to explore a bit to get to the good stuff.

Visiting Fukushima was a very surreal experience, the loss of life in the area is evident and extremely sobering when visiting. I would really like to spend more time in the area in future, I’m pretty sure I will be back.