180fps VFR on the Lumix GH5

I’ve wanted to test out the 180fps variable frame rate mode on the GH5 for sometime… 180fps VFR wasn’t available back in November when I was testing an early prototype in Japan, luckily the most recent model I have got my hands on was good to go.

I popped to Pendine earlier today with my good friend Andrew McCabe, the weather was super dull and extremely uninspiring but we managed to get a couple of clips. All of the footage was shot at ISO 800 or over which wasn’t at all ideal. Similar to the previous model the GH4 the variable frame rate modes work much better in good light with super fast glass.

I’m hoping to shoot more 180fps footage (hopefully in good light) in future and will upload another edit when I do so. Overall I’m super buzzing to be able to have such high frame rates in such a small body!!

Camera : Lumix GH5

Lenses : 12-35, 7-14, 12mm f/1.4

ISO : 800+

Shutterangle : 180d